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August, 2009


Do You Have A Retirement Plan?

You can easily do a Google search on retirement income statistics to compile your own depressing list but for starters did you know that for most US states less than 20% of the population have any retirement income and from 5 – 15% of persons aged 65 and over live below the poverty level (Source According to all the stats I can find most of us baby boomers have not done a real good job of preparing ourselves financially for retirement.

SFI – Easy On-line Income System

I’m guessing you haven’t used your computer for much more than sending emails and playing games. OK, you possibly have a computer at work to help you do your job but have you ever thought of using your computer to make money? The kids have left home, retirement is something that occupies your thoughts more and more, you have free time plus I know you can use more money. Being able to make money with your computer is a real opportunity not just some fly by night, over hyped scam.Read More