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February, 2010


Wyndham Resort and DisneyQuest

The weather report was right. We awoke to thunder and rain so we were glad our fist stop was the Wyndham Timeshare at the Magic Kingdom. When we arrived at the resort we filled out the usual survey and after a brief wait we met Betty who escorted us to the sales room for a continental breakfast. We’re writing a book about how to get the most out of your timeshare unit – now it’s called Vacation Ownership, so are always looking for more info. This turned out to beRead More

Serendipity and the Spyder

Orlando vacation ~ Day four We had planned to spend a couple of days at the Universal Studios Theme Park during this trip to Orlando but the disappointment of yesterday’s visit to Disney Hollywood Studios has made us re-evaluate our itinerary. It’s possible that we have seen and done so much that we are more difficult to impress than the average Disney visitor. The kids certainly seem to enjoy themselves and I’m sure we would have enjoy it more had we had the grandkids in tow. However, we have decidedRead More

Disappointing Disney Hollywood Studios

Orlando vacation ~ Day three After yesterday’s incredible experience with Avatar at the Imax 3D theater what a disappointment Disney Hollywood Studios was. We chose Disney Hollywood Studios as the first of our major parks because we had not been there before. Geoff had been to the Magic Kingdom with his daughter, Julie, shortly after the park opened and it was a wonderful experience they will both always remember. We had visited the Magic Kingdom and Epcot in 1988, just after we got married and it was equally memorable. UnfortunatelyRead More

Holidays In Europe – A Few Of The Best Destinations

It is often said that, whereas some continents provide interesting, but almost predictable holiday experiences, Europe has something for everyone. You want to go skiing? The best places in the world are Switzerland, France and Italy. History is your thing? Greece and Italy are second to none. Maybe you would like a fusion of historical architecture and a modern, cosmopolitan atmosphere with trendy, fashionable bars and cafes? Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, London, Prague and Rome offer all of those things in abundance. As there are so many great countries and citiesRead More

The Adventure Begins

Our slogan is “Because you’re never too old”, but the reality is we know that, at some point, we are going to prefer sitting and rocking on the front porch to skiing down a black diamond hill. Actually prefer is not the right word but now that just getting up off the couch is accompanied by numerous grunts and groans it seems inevitable that we will have to find enjoyment in less physical activities. We have lived and worked most of the past ten years on the small island ofRead More