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July, 2015


Chislehurst Caves, Petts Wood and Bromley

A Year Ago Today A year ago today (July 31, 2014) we opted for a day at Chislehurst Caves rather than a very long trip to Biggleswade. Chislehurst Caves, Some Shopping and Biggleswade Postponed Biggleswade Postponed Indefinitely Today was the day we had scheduled for a trip to Biggleswade, the town where the Wells family comes from. Geoff’s grandfather ran a large store there – Victoria House. We researched this and found that, although Victoria House is still standing, it has changed hands and purposes several times. Biggleswade, and VictoriaRead More

Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Globe Theatre and More

A Year Ago Today A year ago today (July 29,2014), we made our first foray into London. Walk Into Longfield Today began with another walk into Longfield, but this time it was to catch a train into Victoria Station and spend the day in London. As we were able to head into London “off peak” we could, of course, use our Two Together rail pass for a 30% discount on our return fare. Note: It’s always better to get a return fare than one-way tickets. The return fare was £15.50Read More

Kidney Stones, Groceries and Canceled Plans

A Year Ago Today A year ago today (July 26-28, 2014), we were settling in to our accommodations in the UK, where we would be until August 10, 2014. Several Days In One Sometimes there’s not much point in blogging each and every day, particularly when there’s not much happening. It could get pretty boring, actually. So, this post consists of several days. There will also be times, when we simply skip a few days if nothing in particular happened on those days. Saturday, July 26, 2014 Relax at ResortRead More

Reykjavik to Gatwick to Longfield

Reykjavik, Iceland to Gatwick Airport to Longfield, UK A year ago today (July 25, 2014), we left Iceland for the UK. Very Early Morning Our flight to Gatwick was leaving at 7:30am and so, in order to get to the airport in time, we needed to decide how early to get up, when (and how) to get a taxi to take us to the bus station to get the Flybus shuttle back to airport (knowing that the shuttle to the airport would take an hour). So here’s how the decisionRead More

Exploring Downtown Reykjavik

Exploring Downtown Reykjavik A year ago today (July 24, 2014), we were exploring downtown Reykjavik. Tourist and Souvenir Shops The main street in downtown Reykjavik sports many, many souvenir and gift shops. However, everything is very expensive. That just seems to be the way it is in Iceland. It was fun browsing through some of the shops and looking at all the cute things they had for sale, but we were never actually tempted to buy anything. Well, that’s not entirely true. We both loved a t-shirt the poked funRead More