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August, 2015


Our First Day in Paris

A Year Ago Today A year ago today, August 11, 2014, was our first, and only, full day in Paris. Our First – And Only – Full Day in Paris With the frustrations of actually getting here quickly fading in our memories, we looked forward to the only full day we would spend in Paris. Our Hotel Before we get started, we’d like to tell you a little bit about the hotel – the Luxor Bastille, with the wonderful manager, that waited until nearly 2:00am for us to arrive. TravelingRead More

London to Paris by Bus!

A Year Ago Today A year ago today (August 10, 2014), we took a bus, MegaBus to be exact, from London to Paris. It was a trip we were certainly looking forward to but things did not go exactly as planned. Read on! Deal of the Century? Before we get started, I’d like to brag, just a little, about the screaming deal we got on our tickets for this London to Paris journey. As you know, we always do a lot of research for any trip we take and thatRead More

Final Two Days in the U.K.

A Year Ago Today A year ago today, (August 8 & 9, 2014)  we had our last two days in the U.K for this trip. Our 26th Anniversary Friday, August 8th, was our 26th wedding anniversary. We had planned to walk into Longfield again today, to pick up our laundry and to have our anniversary dinner at – yes – Monroe’s. Sadly, the weather had other plans for that day. The rain started at about 8:00am and came down in buckets for quite a while. After that, it settled inRead More

Encounters with Royalty at Hampton Court

A Year Ago Today A year ago today, (August 7, 2014) we visited Hampton Court and had encounters with royalty! Last Chance to Get Our Laundry Done As we would be leaving the UK in just a few days – on August 10th to be exact – this trip into Longfield would be our last chance to take in our laundry and have it ready for our fast-approaching departure to France via the Chunnel. We won’t go into the somewhat perilous walk into Longfield (oops! actually, I guess we justRead More

A Perfect Day – Windsor Castle, Bath, Stonehenge And Fish & Chips

A Year Ago Today A year ago today (August 5, 2014) we had what can only be described as the perfect day. Read on to find out why. Early Morning Train Into London In order to meeting the tour bus at Victoria Coach Station, we had to get up very early. The bus would be leaving at 8:30am and we needed to be there to meet it at least 15 minutes prior to that. Up at 4:00am In order to make it all happen so that we could be atRead More