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Sunday, March 6th, 2016


Thailand: a place…a sensation (full documentary)

A long stimulating journey in which a lot of things happen. The experiences of a curious and intrepid traveler who travels Australia, Japan, India, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam showing your own feelings through this long journey inspired by classic travel literature. In her case, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This time, her destination is located in the heart of ancient Asia: Thailand, an exotic world in which the ancient and the modern are combined in a unique symbiosis. Our tour of will usher inRead More

Top 5 iphone gadgets you should buy

Take your iphone to the next level….


Trick shots could be America’s past time too, right?

Top 10 Sexy Banned Commercials

These were a little too hot for TV.

10 Weird Facts About Orgasms

Put away the ibuprofen, because an orgasm can cure your headache. But hopefully it won’t leave you in a fit of sneezes. From sexually arousing pigs to orgasming after death, AllTime 10s gives you the weirdest facts about orgasms. Music: Peachy by Bob Bradley and Chris Egan