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Beaches We Love

Beaches We Love Bay, Anguilla

Everyone’s fantasy of a perfect Caribbean beach, this is a two mile stretch of the softest white sand mixed in with powdered shells– which give it an almost iridescent quality in certain lights. One end is slightly more buzzy with  beach bars and hotels, the other is more chilled.

Portici Beach, Grenada

This gorgeous stretch of beach is in front of the barefoot chic LaLuna resort owned by Bernardo Bertucci, who swapped a life of high fashion in Milan to build his dream hideaway on the south west coast of Grenada.

Pansea Bay, Phuket

This lovely sweep of golden sand is right in front of the Surin hotel, with a feet-in-the-sand beach bar run by a local family, who, surprisingly, were not turfed out when the hotel was built nine years ago. But The Surin is  community aware as well as stylish, and doesn’t seem to mind taking the hit of its clientele drinking for half price (or less) right on their doorstep. And we definitely applaud that. Read more…