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Ditch the Pajamas and Sleep Naked, According To Science

Ditch the Pajamas and Sleep Naked, According To Science has given us a host of reasons why it’s better for us, so you might want to get over your modesty and let your body breathe!

Those of us who are used to slipping out of our clothes…and into pajamas…before bed should start taking cues from those who lose the nightgowns and PJs and sleep naked.

Your body temperature will drop further with no pajamas, which means that you’ll actually fall asleep faster than if you’re insulated!

It’s better for your body to breathe. Certain parts of your body (yes, THOSE parts) benefit from air circulation after being cooped up all day in, you know, clothing. Leaving your body unencumbered during the night allows bacteria to be battled and pH levels to shift. 

If you sleep with someone, it could strengthen your relationship. Really! Studies have shown skin-to-skin contact promotes intimacy and trust, and you can’t get that through flannel pajamas and nightgowns!

You’ll wake up faster. This is because you’ll be cleaner and less sweaty, which facilitates getting up and at ’em. Also, as strange as it sounds, taking your PJs off to get dressed is just one more psychological barrier that could keep you in bed for a little longer. read more at