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Your Facebook feed is about to become much more naughty

Your Facebook feed is about to become much more naughty LATEST Facebook update plans to put much ruder material on your news feed.

When the new update rolls out it is believed it will start allowing more graphic content to be posted so long as it is deemed newsworthy or important to public interest.

Earlier this month Facebook censored a breast cancer awareness video after it called it too “offensive”.

The video showed a series of animated breasts and explained how you can check for lumps.

Facebook then republished the video after an open letter was put on the site by the Swedish charity who originally posted it.

Earlier in the year the social media giant came under attack for allowing all parts of the female breast except for the nipple.

This resulted in people taking to social media to post about #FreeTheNipple.

Mark Zuckerberg and co have come under fire for recently removing an iconic Vietnam war image entitled ‘Napalm girl’.

The social media site removed it after claiming it violated their guidelines due to “nudity”. 

However under the new community guidelines the image would now no longer be removed.

In a statement, Facebook Vice President of Global Policy  Joel Kaplan and Vice President Global Operations and Media Partnerships Justin Osofsky said:

“In the weeks ahead, we’re going to begin allowing more items that people find newsworthy, significant, or important to the public interest — even if they might otherwise violate our standards. read more at