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Lammily Boy Dolls – Nickolay Lamm Creates Realistic Ken Dolls With Average Bodies

Lammily Boy Dolls – Nickolay Lamm Creates Realistic Ken Dolls With Average Bodies

Ken Doll

It’s not just girls who get bombarded with unrealistic body ideals.

This past January, Barbie announced a new line of dolls that actually have realistic body types. But before Barbie got the body-image memo, there was Lammily, a doll released in 2014 that became a viral sensation, simply because she looked normal. Lammily came with realistic proportions, and could even be customized with acne, bruises, and cellulite. And now, Lammily is taking the same approach when it comes to boys. 

Artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm used the proportions of an average 19-year-old man for his new dolls, which are now at the center of a crowdfunding campaign. Each “Boy Lammily” will come with a casual outfit, a storybook pamphlet, and an online passport option so you can name him yourself. Backers will also get to vote on what the new doll does, whether he’s an athlete, an entrepreneur, or any other occupation out there.

According to a 1996 study from the University of New South Wales, Ken’s proportions are more realistic than Barbie’s, but that’s not saying much. His measurements line up with about 1 in 50 Australian men. Lamm says that young men definitely struggle with body image, and he’s not immune to that pressure. “Back in high school, I decided I really wanted a six-pack,” Lamm says in a fundraising video. “I exercised myself to exhaustion and got so skinny that I just didn’t recognize myself anymore. And I know I’m not the only one to have this type of experience.”

If you’d like to buy a Boy Lammily, you can back its fundraising campaign on Tilt, where prices start at just $17. read more at