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London’s first naked restaurant open now

London’s first naked restaurant open now Bunyadi, emphasis on the “bun,” is London’s first naked restaurant from the creative folks at Lollipop, a company that creates “unique experiences because we believe people deserve nothing less.”

“It’s a restaurant where you come in and we give you gowns to wear,” Seb Lyall, Lollipop’s founder, told CNN.

So far so good.

“Then you enter the naked area and you’re still in your gowns and then you sit down in a space where there is no light, no electricity, no gas – everything is natural from the furniture to the bamboos,” he continues.

Oooooh! Sounds eclectic and romantic.

“And you have an option to de-robe, as we say, take your clothes off to experience liberation from everything.”

Lemme run to the bathroom real quick.

There are two rules to dining at Bunyadi: no cellphones and no photos. But it’s not like you’re going to get in any time in the near future anyway. The restaurant boasts a 46,000-person wait list and is only open for three months. Feel free to try your luck…. read more at