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Naked Diners Eat Free at Berlin Restaurant

Naked Diners Eat Free at Berlin Restaurant shirt, no pants, no problem

A new crop of restaurants geared toward diners who want to dine in the buff is growing: Travel + Leisure reports a Berlin eatery called The Black Cat recently offered free meals to guests who dined sans clothes.

Customers at the restaurant were also reportedly greeted by a “nude Playboy model waitress” (because dining in the nude doesn’t require enough courage already, now we also have to do it next to a professional nude model). The gimmick was apparently part of Venus, Berlin’s annual erotic fair.

In a Facebook post dated July 4 and translated from German, the restaurant announced that it was offering “free food but only for those who take your clothes off,” adding “PS: some of you we don’t want to see naked…” 

According to the Daily Mail, guests also had the option of going half-nude — i.e. taking their tops off — which came with a free drink in lieu of a full meal. read more at